Sunday, November 8, 2009


Long time no post:) Fall is actually my favorite season but it is quickly escaping me. I have been continuing to make progress on two hexagon throws that must be completed before Christmas, but I got the itch to make something of the instant gratification variety and this is what happened. I used yarn from my stash and buttons that I had bought a few weeks ago which were actually meant for hanging dishtowels....the green yarn is either cascade 220 or lambs pride. I am thinking that it is probably lambs pride because it doesn't have quite the twist that 22o does and the funky fuzzy yarn is something I grabbed out of a clearance bin probably two years ago:)

Pattern: (if you can call it that)
size 15 needles
cast on 20 stitches
knit 4 or 5 rows
knit 1 (yo, knit 2tog)to end,and k1 (this makes holes for buttons to go through)
knit every row until it is long enough to go around your neck!
I used three buttons, but you could use two or even just one. I needed something warm and colorful to take me into the grayness of Ohio winters and this should do nicely.

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  1. Thanks for stopping by and your lovely comment. Your needle work is beautiful!