Monday, August 10, 2009

savoring summer

Well, this is it. Exactly two weeks before we all go back to school. There are things that I do love about the start to a new year, but really nothing beats all of us being home together all the time. This is my little porch tomato plant that my husband assured me would not live when I bought it from a local big chain store (it did look pretty miserable at the time) and look at it now! It probably should be bigger by now and turning red, but it looks healthy and is growing so I am holding out hope.
It has three tomatoes growing and this is papa, and there is a mama, and a teeny tiny baby. The ominous leggy character below was on the car a few days ago when we were leaving the house. His head is slightly out of focus because I was a big chicken and wouldn't get up under it to get my shot, so I had my husband do it, and really he must have been a little scared because he didn't put his face down there or anything. He just held the camera down there and clicked, but I really like this photo, good job honey.

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