Tuesday, July 28, 2009

kitchen accessories

Since I am currently on hold with my hexagon blanket (the closest yarn shop is an hour from where I live), I decided to play with some quick kitchen accessorizing. I have an assortment of peaches and creme cotton yarn on hand, so that is what I used. It met the criteria of being washable, sturdy, and cheap. The color inspiration came from one of my bags, I like the orange/blue combination a lot.
The pattern for the bobble scrubby came from Crochet Today (March/April '09). It was really quick and fun to make, I mean really fast. It consists of two crocheted discs that are then crocheted together. The double thickness makes it act almost like a sponge when you are using it, really sturdy. The pattern called for two strands of yarn held together, I only used one strand for the entire thing and it turned out perfectly well.
The circle stripes one I just made up based on the bobble one, it is slightly larger and has no bobbles. It also is double thickness and if I had thought to make it a little bigger it would make a nice hot pad.
I think that they would make great gifts, especially paired with some Mrs. Meyers dish washing liquid.


  1. Great pot holders, and photos! The colors are so cheerful. :)

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